The roles of woman, The role of the wife-mother.

A woman who takes in your life this role is primarily focused  on family life. For her the most important are children , than husband and others followed.

She is very focused on the children. She is able to devote her plans , pleasure and social life.

Sometimes also the job . Her whole mind  is focused on taking care of caring , thinking of the other, preventing the supply of different contingencies. This attitude translates well  to others , as well as her husband  In fact she the same result over time , insteda of the life partner has an additional  child  or partners rebels.  Then either at home  is a short circuit  or partner leaves  the woman.

Ms. forties come to me  at the time of her life tragedy.  After many years , a well functioning relationship, in its view , suddenly one day, wthout any reason husband packed up and  moved out.

- I am heartbroken  - she says. Everything I had expected but not this one.  We are a long-term  relationship. We have one child – a daughter, who is the very importan for her father.  I have a full time job and my husband  has  his own bussines and the mostly kept our family. 

Daughter has the egsamines  for the  high school diploma. So we supported  her to succed.  

No results yet   and do no know how it goes.  We were a happy family. I do not understand  what happened . My husband has always been fine.   He took care at home and family  and always slept in hous.  There has never been such a situation he to watch  for any moman.

And here two days ago , I come from the work and he pulls out the suitcase  and he was getting into. I thought  he goes on the mission  and he says he brings to another woman and goes forever.

I always took care of him. Always thinking of him  and then only about me.  I cooked  the delicious  dinners at home, that is what he likes. When he sat down I was putting a pillow under his back  and was comfortable  to rest  after a long day. I opt out of my television programs that he could watch  him.

When he long not to return, I constantly looked out of the window in excitement or something he does not.  And when the car pulls  up I was ready to put dinner on the gas. I do not go to sleep  until he arrived  and he did me something like that.

- Did you ask him , why he was doing and if he said something   to that? – I looked at her with pity, as already sensed  what the problem is.

-  Yes I asked right away  and he told me , he had enough my  mothering and that he met the real woman , he knows he rover the year. And that goes to her. That wa waiting just for this  moment, when daughter  be after gradiuation, is to not get excited.

The woman in the role of the mather – wife washes, cleans, cooks, does not sleep, takes ouy care and forgets about you.

Becouse she is so filled this role so on the subconscious level he receives her as a mother, so that over time he becomes convenient , less and less he is included in house hold chores and lose intersted in sex.

His partner ceases to be attractive to him as a woman.  Begins to seek pleasure  else where  and eventually goes away.

Man feels fullfield  and masculine with a woman who knows her value. Put him challenges , treats him like a grown man, who can make it to that, he try to feel important  and does, what a  woman like.

When a woman sparing a man, when she thinks within him, when she is afraid  of him, when she still teches him – that trades himas her child and also she try, she lose her attractiveness .

Men love women  intriguing , mysterious, surprising , inspiring, inside warm, feminine, supportive. The role of the mother-wife  is not compatible with it.

Such a woman, even if the begining   was attractive and interesting with the passage of time she becomes boring  and predictable.

My dear ladys let remember that our most loving man , he wants  to make us happy.  Let take happy and do not worry anything. Let us appreciate even the small  gestures , do not cling to things . Let see your partner as super man, who we loved.

Let us to be able him to look in our eyes and be able him to see as strong, wise, our great, loving man.  Than he always will be , becouse really , where will him be better?          

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