Are there any ghosts?

This is a topic that many people have long been absorbed. Some people believe in ghosts, and some do not.

My adventure with ghosts began in childhood. I left on vacation to the countryside to my beloved grandparents have. Grandfather except that he was a very good host, it also has a well-known local medicine man. My grandmother was a wonderful, hardworking housekeeper and a warm, friendly, loving and supportive woman.

I remember my grandparents as a beautiful pattern of marriage, partnership, women and men.

My grandmother was a person who liked to tell the different incredible things that were happening in the country, and everywhere I went for her and I was afraid  about this things and on the other side absorbed all these stories.

My grandmothe  talked about vampire , who in the  night  came to the horse’s tail and  was connected to him in a knot, and then the horse was nervous, tired and eventually died.

 A witch in a neighboring village, who cast charms and as one neighbor came her way, she threw a curse on her cow and that cow stopped giving milk.

The nightmare, which came every night to one of the neighbors, sat on his chest and suffocating.

A neighbor, who died, and when he life, he owed Ziutkowi money and how the death came later to  Ziutek and torment him every night, because conscience tormented him for the debt.

The grandfather, who was returning a Saturday night in the pub and saw spinning and chasing him a sheaf of hay, which penetrated through the fences as if it was not there, including a stream with a demon hovering hay.

There were many of these stories, and it’s only a few of these.

Then in the night I was afraid. When all were asleep I heard a squeak opening the door, creaking floors, and someone approaching in the dark steps. I was sure that it wanders the spirit of the neighbor, which is coming to Ziutek.

Then I heard some wheezing and rubbing something on the wall. Perhaps this is a nightmare, which strangles – and I thought I hid my head under ther featherbed, unable to fall asleep until morning.

The second has a very real contact with the spirit of the deceased had when she left my other grandmother.

We stayed in the same house with my grandparents and my father’s. I was six years old when my grandmother died. It was my first more direct contact with death. I remember my grandmother, when  neighbor dressed in the coffin. When she did not want to get dressed. Then the nice neighbor, asked the hot grandmother and stiffness of hands and then disappeared suddenly could easily stretch sleeves dresses.

I stood in the doorway and watched it all, when a neighbor wearing her grandmother twist from side to side, she moaned. I later almost all of my life I was thinking about this because I was afraid that ,when my grandmother buried, she would have to live.


A short time after that, I went to the grandparents room to get something and saw my grandmother , as she sat under the table , I was hiding from something. I saw it as real as I saw my mother and father. I ran scared hiding in the coat my mam, but she did not believe me and played down, saying that I thought.

Then I heard steps around the house, knocking on the door, which no one but me ever heard of ghosts and shadows move across the wall.

Being in these experiments, whether I wanted it or not, I had to believe that ghosts exist.

Later, when I was an adult, after the death of my grandfather, I went back to the same house where I grew up as a child. From the beginning it was even still, and then every night I heard my grandfather, who walked around the kitchen, opening cabinets and rearranged the pots. As if that was not enough it’s still putting out at different times and lit the light.

Walking at night and cabinets could donate, but the situations with light much annoyed, so I finally plucked up and went to the cemetery to talk things over with his grandfather. When I explained to him, not to do it and asked him to leave us alone, since then, have never once heard him not.

Later, while living in a different house. This was the house where the old man had died. Then I had a very difficult time in my life and I still could happen some unpleasant stories.

Once, when I first saw all the doors in the kitchen upper cabinets were open, I thought  forgot to close it. Situations, however, began to repeat itself. Then I know the different things and I realized that it was the old man opens the cabinet, trying to warn me of something. Yes indeed it was. When the cabinets were open, bad things were happening. When they were closed, nothing alarming has happened. I used to my younger son-then two years old, he saw this man, he looked up and cried Grandpa.

Earlier, when he was born, the spirits  fairies came to him and played him the music box. As he was a little older and he could speak, he sat eyes shooting to the left and right looking up and laughing to tears. He said that the flying fairies, shining his lights and make laugh.

Any toy twist: robots, cars suddenly in the night went itselves, walked and ran. Spirits liking the helicopter that was hovering propellers and shining lights and involve it whenever son has fallen asleep. They involve him, and I’ll turn off and so annoyed with me up until I had the idea to remove the batteries.

When I moved back to my grandparents’ house, where I grew up I took to be a major renovation, which in general are not moved. The teams were changing, costs rise, and the house turned into disrepair. Something was wrong. It turned out that in the meantime the whole crowd moved house and now the ghosts did not want to leave and they did everything that I could not live there. With my firiend , who  help me  of fellow spirits, we got to went out these. However, despite the ghosts still returned. I did not sleep at night, making sure to not come home. I thought it can not be that it will never end. I asked my grandfather to come home to chase  these spirits  and I could finish the renovation.

Grandfather heard me and came. I heard his footsteps every night around the house, and look after the farm. It was then that my son did not know about that he saw his grandfather, as he stood at the fence and watched him. My grandfather did not know him, because he died before he was born. Son described it accurately and then I had to explain to him that he just sees the dead.

Since then, nobody came to the house and work have advanced up to a happy ending.

Then I thanked my grandfather and asked him to leave, where she now resides.

Once I woke up in the night and I heard that someone, something heavy walking on the roof and then how to jump from the roof to the ground.

I looked out the window, but saw no one, so I left the house to check it out. It was winter and the snow was recently attacked. Were visible in the snow giant footprints at all dissimilar to the foot or a man, or to any animal. Led from the house to the fence. Only from what I could associate it only with the Yeti.

These are just a few stories of many. Practically from the child throughout his life had to do with ghosts and other unexplained phenomena. I fought with them. Opposed. Protect themselves and their loved ones.

Also helped others who were in similar situations, afraid that they did not understand, tormented, and they could not cope. I had a lot of personal experience and knowledge on the subject, so that’s what I did gave positive results. Over time, I became an authority in this field.

In recent years many nights I slept not guarding spirits who force pushed into the house through the windows and doors and tired.  Stretched energy and attack. As soon fell asleep, I went out of the body and saw them as they fall, then fought, and struggled  I beat with them. When I made sure I was awake and then, and only knew lurked outside, but did not fall.

In the end, if I happened to have dozed off, I tried to watch willpower even in my sleep. Sometimes I was able to pick up, as it approached. Then I opened my eyes and immediately they ran away. I did a different number of the day. Block the phone to no call. Someone caused problems for me is not reached. Took up different things, they were lost and destroyed. Resulted in a sudden and inexplicable loss and a variety of other things that made normal life impossible. Then drew the demons that of momentum, with great force flew through my body, smashing them to pieces.

I was terribly exhausted by this constant struggle, tormented and suffering, but I knew that I could not give up, because I, or someone close to kidnap a black astral, or do something worse., Which has already led to accidents, of which barely stepped out of life. In particular, I was afraid for my family.

Detached from life and reality, being on the verge of exhaustion unimaginable asked God that he took from me the experience and such a normal life, which for some reason has become available.

I dreamed about this for even one night peacefully and safely to sleep, get up to full strength and energy to deal with the house, cooking, cleaning, working, etc., the normal, ordinary life. Where in all this barely get out of bed and function will power more than human strength. I received it in such a way that they attack me and tired to finish me off, I could not help others.

It took a few years, until quite lost hope that he can make a difference. I thought that it will last forever and will never end. Then suddenly, unexpectedly, I was contacted by my Spiritual Protector and said:

“Tereniu one does not attack you. You’re safe.

You harras yourself.  It is doing your mind. “

In general, it did not occur to me to deny his words, but I could  believe it.

How is this possible? – I thought. Does he not know that I’m in agony and in what situation? But this is not my imagination, but physically, I’m really in this, I see, hear, and experience suffering.

  I remembered stories of his life, some of which I described here, analyze its and then it seemed impossible. Still, I could not believe it.

I keep asking myself, how is this possible? Is it really makes my mind?

It’s been a few months since the first time, when  I was contacted by my Spirit Protector.. Spinning the whole time he was very patient. Scolded me when I made mistakes again . Led on the right path when lateralized. Support when I cried from helplessness.

At that time, it seemed to me sometimes that I’m in a Matrix. The world in which so far functioned – collapsed. I do not know what is true and what is not. There was nothing in my previous life, but I could not resist. Completely lost my sense of what I was and what I believed.

Now I know that my beloved Spirit Guardian was right. I went with this one. Easy, safe sleep. Do not harass me. Slowly return the strength and joy of life. Such a normal, ordinary life, which became available dreamed.

There are no ghosts, demons and other beings. We are completely safe. The spiritual world is safe and beautiful. We love and support our Spiritual Guardians.

I was also informed that the people who go to the other world to ban communicate with us living here, and that we all go and no one on earth is not wandering.

That’s all, we are doing in our own minds. He designs and creates all sorts of things our reality. This is what we fear or what we believe, can materialize.

I wondered, and came to the conclusion that my mind opened up to this sphere already in childhood. It was there with his grandparents in the country. Fell on fertile ground, and then at an increasing rate mind began to process that information, and eventually the world – the world of spirits and magic became real for me.

Belief in ghosts and magic was built in people’s minds for generations. If you believe it, it happens.

No one will attack us from the spiritual world, because no dangers there. But when we begin to fear and believe in these things our mind us materialize.

Black magic, charms, curses only work well if it is believed.

At this point, it is worth considering the power of the human mind. If it is able to materialize various negative things and torment a man, it is also able to materialize things positive.

So I think it is worth to control it, in order to live in love and peace to create your life according to you will, to enjoy life and savor it.

Wherever there is fear, where our belief in superstitions various causes even more anxiety – there is darkness, and that makes it separates us from God.

Where there is love, peace, beauty, joy – there is safety, brightness and light, and this is the only proper way to God.

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