Life after death.

Each of us  is interested in this, is there life after death and what it looks  like.

 This is a situation , which we do not  to think, that we are afraid  and run away.  Hawever it is part  of our life  and it is inevitable.

Our Beloved Father  God has given us  a great gift of life and the gift  of the existence , so that we can enjoy  it and fight  for survival , but also gave us free will.  We can prefer to choose  whether , we want to follow Him or not.

Anyone  to not force  anything  but encourages  and helps in various ways, so that we come to Him.  For this to happen , there must be a proces s of rising.  This proces  should strive  for the inside  rather than outside.

This means , that God  you  do not  need to look after  anywhere  else, but like yourself inside.  God created us , gave us  of piece of Himself. God is  unimaginable  love and joy.

If you are in tension , stress, pain and negative emotions, than it is hard for us, we fall into darkness and then we move away from God.  The more the is  of joy, acceptance, tolerance,  the ability to forgive , peace in the soul and in the mind , the more light is in us, and we more near our Father.   It is the only way, only way for Him.  Not the pain , suffering , mortification , but by the joy.

At the time of our way of life, we own will, wecan choose one of  two ways:

The road  not easy , but climb  the joy way  to Him – positive way or way negate -  fall from Him.

Our Spirit Guardians , who have been assigned  to us and travel with us , takoing part in the adventure  called life  helping us fall the forces, that we have choosen  the right direction  and took effort  in rising to God.

It is very important  to live life, but even more important  is to survive death.

Our human mind  is tangible.  Get a life and free will to spiritualize our mind.  What is does  that mean?

It is such experiences go , that make no matterial things: such as money, work, varioues matterial goods,  are most important to us,  but spiritual things, such as: love,  friendship,  kindness properly understood.

When our time comes  to leave this world, the soul begins  to leave the body and there are already  more out than here. 

Then the mind  develops  and  it can see the images, to see relatives persons , who have already gone.

When breathing stops, the soul  separates  from the body . Once ,before  the coming  of Jesus , that  the transition  of the soul was  very difficult . Souls had to go  through  a heavy level  of astral , which could be in the stop for a while, or could go wrong.  It has been in our minds of human memory, soi t seems  that you need to help  souls  to be able to go.

After the death of Jesus  on the cross , was poured  out  The Spirit  of Truth  to all living inteligent persons and it meant  that the transition  is much easier now than before.

Wen we die  we just fall asleap. Our phisical body  is no longer  needed us.  All of the senses  to release  and disintegrate  the same happens with the material  mind.

If in our lifetime  we let ourselves  go through the proces s   , in which the spirituality of the mind , we survive death  and move higher.

If you are left only  in the mind of the material, it will collapse  and will not survive , the death  of the soul is  annihilated  in order.  To enter the spiritual world , our mind must  be spiritual.

God our Father is the source  of all life.  If you negative Him , if you do not follow  in His way, it is destroys yourself to.   No one us do not.   We can only do this for us.

Your spiritual mind  do, that the soul survives  death, than it is  guaranteed  eternal life.  In this way  going through  a very important phase  of asciension.

When the soul  is released , directed her to the hospital  – the laboratory,  that sleeps three  days of our   earthly time.  There  are an Angels , who take care  of her being responsible  to this process.  At that time  the records are checked  meticulously  thought  the soul  with love and devotion , are analyzed  our level  of development . And then  made the best possible  decisions , what world –dwelling  soul has awaken again.

These are seven mansion worlds.  Depending on the spiritual   state of the soul , moves  it to appropriate  place for her  in order  to further the development  and ascension.

There is life similar to ours here  on earth.  There are houses, streets,  rivers etc.  It just that  are built  with other more  subtle substance.   We at the human level ,w e wouud not see  it with our eyes. But after going  all that  there is  quite naturally  perceive.

We also take a new body- morontia.  It is different  from the human body. But keeps our individual  characteristics , so that we can  recognize  each  other, when  we meet with their  loved ones, who had passed away.

Immediately  after waking, the first person, you meet is our  wonderful, beloved Spiritual Protector and it is a very joyfull meeting.  He than helps us  to remember all  that we experienced  before and he helps us to see a new place , when we learn new things  and  the conditions  prevailing  here.

Here we are in completely safe  and friendly place, when we learn a new things  and further improve  our process  to coming to God, The Source of Life, whole being to our  beloved Father .

Becouse  it nothing is  as important  in the world  and even in the entre  universe , as duration with Him and in Him, in His love , which  gives  unimaginable  happiness.  




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