The power of love

!miłość3We go through our lives, we realize the goals, we have different things until we find someone who is moving in our deeper feelings, attracts like a magnet, and from now on we do not want to be alone, but we want to be together.

Love appears, sometimes suddenly, like lightning in a firework of feelings and sometimes develops and flourishes slowly, as the most beautiful flower. Continue reading

Does the devil exist?

Where does  the devil from and since it is  present in our world, we do not really know, but we learn about it and operate it from birth until death.

When we first encounter with the devil? The Catholic faith is the first such contact in baptism. Our parents and godparents renounce Satan on our behalf, the spirit of evil, etc. Later in the life of the oath on various occasions are repeatedly renewed. Continue reading

Lifeline – Chiromancy

The lines and marks on his hands for ages interested in, absorb and attract seekers of knowledge. One of the most important line is the line of life. It shows the length of life, and various other things and events that accompany us in life. Some people are concerned that they have a short line, thinking that they will have a short life. Continue reading