Does the devil exist?

Where does  the devil from and since it is  present in our world, we do not really know, but we learn about it and operate it from birth until death.

When we first encounter with the devil? The Catholic faith is the first such contact in baptism. Our parents and godparents renounce Satan on our behalf, the spirit of evil, etc. Later in the life of the oath on various occasions are repeatedly renewed.
What did we learn? That:
-The devil exists,
- As we sin, takes the soul to hell
- You have to fight him, he tempts us and attacks.

• Such beliefs are building in our minds for centuries. For many of us, the church is the authority in faith. I myself also am functioning in the Catholic faith, I believe in God, but I do not believe in Satan, I wantt not to afraid of life and suffering.

Assuming that our mind creates our reality, which is already proven, let’s examine what is happening with the mind of a child brought up in such beliefs?

By opening ourselves to God and wanting to believe in Him, it is impossible not to believe in Satan. If the church tells him to renounce, it means that he exists. If my authority says that this is so, it means that it must be so.

We hear about it, talk about it, we are convinced that this is the case and begins to live in our minds and begins to live in us and in our lives – it just becomes real.
From childhood we learn that  need to be afraid. Afraid of each other, “evil deeds” and not really afraid of his own experience. How can we find contact with each other and with our life, being in the darkness of the mind?
Belief in the devil, thinking about it, fight it, fear, horror, focusing on sin causes become crowded and isolated from God.
There is no sin. It is only our personal experience we go through in our lives (see article – Spiritual growth – spiritual protector, life after death),  that we ourselves choose before birth. We do not need to be afraid of his experience and of his escape. It shapes us, teaches and raises. More about the human experience present in the following articles.
 It is true that Lucifer and Satan exist and still are, but their days are numbered. It is also true that in our world they do not exist, but exist in our memorys and in the human minds 

The truth is that they were fallen angels. Lucifer he was very high in the hierarchy of heavenly function. He was a valued and respected. Suddenly, the light of wisdom, the size of it alone surpassed, in the sense that he put  on a par with God and began to deny God. He began to defy all rules established by God. Rebelled and sought allies. One of them was our Earth Planetary Prince, who served as administrative matters related to the management of the Earth. He’s been called Satan, and was with the people closest to us.
To overthrow Lucifer joined many, but when the Archangel Gabriel took the fight to him, too many subsided, abandoning his beliefs and advocating completely on the side of God.
The activities consisted of the rebels to stir in the minds of men and isolate ourselves from God. Lucifer was the ruler of our constellation. Therefore, it is stopped in danger.

Most of people suffered    on Earth, because our direct ruler – Planetary Prince, who should take care of us and protect stood against us. Then, in the minds of men was chaos, because it was not known what is true and what is not. People began to call into question everything and plunge into darkness.

Therefore God is trying to help humanity on the world sent his son Jesus to help us and revealed the truth about God. Jesus was able to appear on any other inhabited planet, but it came to us, because we were the most disadvantaged rebellion of Lucifer.
The mission of Jesus was to show the truth about God and open people’s minds to His love, goodness and beauty. Jesus taught that goodness in your heart, peace, joy, and enjoying life is the way to God.

He also opposed the Lucifer and Satan, who wanted to destroy his mission. It is also true that after going through the death of Jesus and his resurrection, both Lucifer and all his allies were arrested and Gabriel for in interned. Are closed, carefully guarded, and there is no way to be freed from there.

They are not in our world, so why do we still live in us and work in our lives? Because they live in our minds and we can not forget them, because our memory of them is constantly refreshed and faith strengthened through various rituals and oaths.
Let’s go back to that, to our mind creates our reality. If we have in our minds the devil, and we believe that he materializes, it becomes our reality. Hence, they take different types of possession, but it is not anything other than a dark creation of our mind.
There are no devils, demons and ghosts. In the article “Do ghosts exist?” Wrote about his own personal experience in order to give a thought and bring the truth. I wanted to also show you how to shape the mind and what we can create.
Imagine one human mind, which is powerful for one man to measure his capabilities and level of development. If that one’s mind is able to create a devil or spirit, then imagine the two combined for the same purpose minds. What would they make? But if these minds will be the whole of humanity? Now you can imagine the power of influence, to materialize, and that the world in which we live and how we create reality.
This created a global mind is powerful and at some point begins to function by itself, as if it were a completely separate entity. Such a global energy affects the individual minds that are under great influence. In this way, without knowing it, without being aware of this mechanism we run ourselves, then we are the victim.

Many of us already know about it because for some time they say that right now is an epochal breakthrough. Days of Lucifer and his allies trapped are numbered. It takes place over them the court. Another moment and completely cease to exist. They themselves have done it myself. They had time to change their mind. God waited in his love as the father of the prodigal son to come to him. But they destroyed themselves, they chose annihilation.

God is the source of all existence. If we turn away from Him and deny His existence, to destroy themselves, because we have no where to draw the energy of life.
My dear let us open ourselves to the light and cleanse our minds. Let’s make our powerful minds began to materialize our positive reality, in such a way that we finally are able to enjoy life, to feel safe in it, enjoy life to the full, to rejoice in their mutual presence.
When we would have more fun, warm, calm, positive attitude in our minds – we will be closer to God – fulfillment and happiness.

Willing to make positive changes in your lives and to shape your own mind I invite you to “personal improvement workshops” that are not therapeutic classes. The main goal is to learn to use the power of your mind and create your reality according to his will.

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