The power of love

!miłość3We go through our lives, we realize the goals, we have different things until we find someone who is moving in our deeper feelings, attracts like a magnet, and from now on we do not want to be alone, but we want to be together.

Love appears, sometimes suddenly, like lightning in a firework of feelings and sometimes develops and flourishes slowly, as the most beautiful flower. Then between the partners begin to form a bond very unique and special. Builds a string, which both are connected. This powerful combination is formed on the basis of feelings and emotions.
Human eyes can not see it, but it actually exists, and it is through the flow of feelings from one person to another, and receive a variety of information, even from a distance. Thanks to it, we are able to answer concern when the loved one something happens.
Barbara, a woman of about forty contacted me as very worried about her husband. They were very successful married for many years, with two fantastic children. Her    husband  had  a business –  wholesale clothing and he often traveled the goods to other cities, or even abroad.
When he left, she does not sleep at night, went from window to window, paralyzed with terror, sensed a disaster.
She wanted to know if something was actually threatened. She was afraid that one immediately tired to fall asleep at the wheel and did not control the situation.
After analyzing the situation, I found that such an event is possible. Barbara really loved her husband, so I decided to explain to her how your partner can help to prevent the worst.
Among them was built very strong and thick rope, which they were both connected. This rope is very flexible and responsive to each flow.
When we are afraid of the person loved, when we have a lot of tension and unpleasant emotions, then the saturation of the rope taut energy and it really tense, stiff and extended, pushing the other side. Then something like this happens that pushes the person exactly what you do not want to  happen.
However, we are confident we have the faith and the love and peace of mind and confidence that everything will be fine, saturation string these positive feelings. It  makes the loved one attracted to each other and protect. In this way we can prevent disasters and someone with whom we have a close relationship, pull even with the worst problems.
Barbara explained to the strong emotional relationship between her and her husband.
- If this happens – I tell you-  that you wake up in the middle of the night and feel the anxiety that her husband something is wrong, do not give in to fear. The whole force of your will, try to drown it in yourself, talk to yourself out loud, it will be fine, think positive and have complete faith in himself, and then no matter what happens you will attract to  your husband and you are protecting him.
Barbara came somewhat reassured, and after a few weeks, came back and says.
- It’s amazing, but it all happened just as you said. In fact, one night I woke up with fear, my husband was in the way, it was cold and slippery, I looked at the clock, the husband has to be at home, I panicked, but then I remembered what you explained to me. Immediately calmed down and started to voice all the time talking to each other-will be well, all will be well – repeating over and over again, and I imagined her husband at full strength and energy. I did it for so long, and finally I felt an inner peace that is really all right.
- Let them imagine you are actually at this moment, when I woke up with anxiety, my husband had a car accident. Tired he fell asleep at the wheel and skidded off the road. The car turned over several times and crashed head-on into a tree. Husband, nothing happened. Somehow, they do not know what it was thrown out of the car before the collision occurred. Neither the police nor the ambulance or bystanders could not understand and marvel how it happened.
They did not know, but we already know that it will power, love, and faith Barbara pulled the rope, which was connected with her husband and she pulled him out of the car.
Love is a great power , which we can afford to be not fully realize, with a positive effect only when it is in faith. The belief that despite all the problems  that everything will work out fine. Faith in spite of everything, and belief everything in  the  positive conclusion.
When you believe in your child, it will be fine and will be happy to saturation of the positive energy of our rope, and that’s  happens. But when we are afraid of a daughter or a son, when we have doubts as to whether the handle, when this is accompanied by a lot of unpleasant emotions, the tight rope saturation negative energies, then pushed the child exactly in bad site.
When we are afraid that your partner will go away from us, that we cause that repel him away. When we believe that he loves us and that everything will work out well, then we attract  him .
We loved one drawn  from the wrost problem, illness or distress, We filling an emotional cord, which was built on the bonds, positive feelings, thoughts and the belief that it will be fine.
Love is Mighty Power, when accompanied by faith and a positive attitude. Then we can truly support their children, parents and partner. Only in this way can we ensure that they feel safe and happy life.
We must remember that what  have iwe nside ourselves pass on to our loved ones. Therefore, it is well, we bring inside the love, peace, faith and joy. When we have a sense of happiness, the saturation of the rope, and then we love others also become happy.
When we are joyful and full of faith, we are in our lives safe. Nothing bad will happen to us, because  we are under the protection of the living, ever-pulsating heart for us from our Father – God who saturates us the power of His love. Summons and patiently waiting for us so that we can draw from His sources  and be happy.


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