Horoscope of Jesus

I did a lot of research, calculations, analysis, and personally I agree with the Urantia Book that Jesus was born on August 21, seven years before our era, at 12 noon in Bethlehem.

All other alleged date, even data “0″, from which we hope our era is not fully indulged neither personality nor the life of Jesus. December 24 with the first star of year we celebrate Christmas and it is a very important date, as we gather all the Christmas table, forgive trespasses, we give each other love. This date has for centuries been the symbol of our beautiful and is valid independently of other factors will always be important, because it brings people together, soothes and strengthens memory characteristic of God.

Not everyone may agree with me and most have this right, but I personally want to share your insights.

According to studies conducted by me suppose that Jesus was born on August 21, seven years before our era, at 12 noon in Bethlehem. with the Sun in the sign of Leo.

 2013-01-21 13_55_03-ASTROLOG

This is the fifth sign of the zodiac, fiery, solid, masculine.

The element of fire is one of three signs of the Zodiac: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. People born in the fire have a lot of energy, life force, are open to others and spontaneous, and have a quick and decisive actions are warlike, do not bend all the obstacles they have leadership skills, able to lead and draw crowds of people for together, they are bold and enthusiastic.

The characters include four fixed signs: Taurus. Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. These labels are characterized by high concentration, patience, consistency, determination and foresight. They are inquisitive but an excellent memory. They work slowly, they are well prepared and wary, but effective. They can patiently and consistently pursue the objective.

Leo is a positive, active, male. This means that has more features and power, ie male prowess, determination, courage, action.

 For a man born in the sign of Leo the most important is the heart and all its manifestations. It is honest, generous, philanthropic, has an open heart for others. He can stand up boldly in defense of the victim. For such a man is not important little things, as it focuses more on issues of “great”.

Leo is a natural leader, able to show their best side, often in a natural position of authority and achieves a good organizer.

Leo is active and philosophical mind, normally open and warm attitude towards people, which makes it extremely conducive to the direct contacts and facilitating the mobilization of a large crowd of friends.

Leo exudes a strong personality. It is admired for its independence. It has a strong and ambitious character. Usually committed to high over the bar. Trivial tasks do not involve him, although he can conscientiously perform their duties. People who love puts in first place, and his commitment is sincere, genuine and fully completed.

Jesus was born in the third decade of the sign of Leo.

People born in this decade, to a greater extent characterized by features such as the sign of Sagittarius amazing ability to lead your people, courage in action, breaking all the rules and principles. They have the great sense of justice and a commitment to defend them. These individuals acting from the heart have an innate ability to serve others.

When so disposed a person takes to perform a task, it is not possible to have failed. Such a person just need to have success in achieving the objectives.

Ascendant horoscope settled in the sign of Scorpio.

It shows in a very strong personality. Power Scorpion sometimes is comparable to the energy of a nuclear power plant. The man, who was born in Scorpio ascendant or the horoscope is in this sign, it can deal with a variety of comfortable and not heavy energies. Sometimes other people do not tolerate the situation, and Scorpio goes through it unscathed. Besides, it has also a remarkable ability to regenerate itself to your body and psyche. If you keep your mind in a positive attitude, it can quickly get out of any, even the most difficult situations.

Such a person engages in an emotionally all over each other, often without looking at the consequences.

Highly developed personality is predestined to achieve peaks. Always stands out above the average, and the way is the right solution to overcome any obstacles.

Planet caring Leo is the Sun.

The sun is our primary source of energy, is the center around which all the planets rotate our system. It is most important to us.

The sun gives a lot of vitality, light, energy, creativity, dignity, generosity, leadership qualities, generosity and enthusiasm.

The sun is a lot of brightness and light, so that person was in some way be seen. Often is high, exposed or government offices.

Ascendant horoscope is connected to the trine of Jupiter and Saturn in conjunction in the sign of Pisces in the fourth house – responsible for the so-called. Family roots.

It speaks of extraordinary intellectual abilities that manifested in childhood, the seriousness and taking responsibility for the family in the juvenile age. We know that his father died, and as the eldest son, Jesus was forced to take over the maintenance of the house and take care of the family. Saturn conjunct Jupiter shows the weight and the multiplicity of these obligations, the sign of Pisces commitment and dedication, as well as poverty and severe condition of the family.

Ascendant is additionally coupled quadrature with the Sun in the ninth house of horoscope (related to, inter alia, higher education, religion, travel and contacts with foreigners) with the Sun in the sign of Leo. This shows that despite the huge capacity, higher education had to be aborted because of family difficulties. It also tells of the innate modesty and aversion to climbing up the career ladder. It is likely that Jesus repeatedly refused to stand at the head of various organizations.


Uranus in Immum Coeli at the beginning of the fourth house of horoscope shows home cheerful and happy childhood. Uranus in Pisces also shows that in childhood was strongly stimulated the imagination and open spaces deeply spiritual. Positively impacted by the mother and father, who provided the right conditions for development. Uranus also talks about the free flow of information at all, conscious, subconscious and superconscious level and formed in childhood clairvoyance and the ability to communicate with the spiritual world. It also shows the joyful, spontaneous manner, unconventional behavior, to move freely in their area as well as its positive impact, changing the functioning of the family and its approach to a variety of things.

The third house of horoscope corresponding to such a close environment, siblings, ability to communicate, short trips and includes two signs of the zodiac: Capricorn and Aquarius.

Saturn – the planet of Capricorn and Uranus caring – caring planet of Aquarius is in the fourth house of horoscope and also Saturn is in conjunction with Jupiter, which speaks of the large family, consisting of brothers and sisters (Capricorn – female energy, Aquarius-shirt, Jupiter – many, multitude). It also shows that Jesus felt good in his family environment that could make a positive contact with the family.

The second house of horoscope relating inter alia to finance and financial matters, are two signs of the Zodiac: Sagittarius and Capricorn. Planets-Jupiter caring for Sagittarius to Capricorn and Saturn is in the fourth house of horoscope, in conjunction with each other and also in the sign of Pisces.

Jupiter in astrology represents the energy of abundance and means “lucky”, so you would say that the chances of success would be, but Saturn – the planet hard, trapping and locking, covered his embrace of Jupiter, which meant that he could not unleash his power. This points to poverty and financial problems which faced the family, but Jupiter has supported and helped in various difficult situations to find a positive solution. It also shows that money and material things were not important to Jesus, focused on meeting their basic needs and family and did not seek luxury, but rather lived modestly.


The fifth house of horoscope showing such creative activities, romance, pleasure, fun, children, gambling, risk-taking and includes Aries, which is built Black Moon.

Black Moon in Aries in quincunx the Ascendant and a half square to Mercury in the tenth house is as well. First of all, pretty much energy has been disabled men, which says that Jesus did not have children, and certainly not left behind a child.

It also shows a sober way of life and not taking unnecessary risks. He says, however, the serious threat posed to his personality, highlighting out from the crowd, and the recovery to himself, and exaltation in his role as a teacher (Mercury in the tenth house).

Black Moon set also half sextil to the Conjunction of Jupiter with Saturn in the fourth house and trine to his Sun in the ninth house in the sign of Leo. This means that Jesus could give up all sorts of pleasures, to overcome difficulties and reduce their need for family and spiritual development. It also found that different obstacles and inconveniences were not able to go to break, and return to the right path. At this point, they can also appear invisible threats of the world, such as temptation, but it was not possible to be bend. Great strength, wisdom, resistance to external influences and insight and clairvoyance and the ability to properly read data gave no chance for any external interference.

The sixth house of horoscope corresponding to such for work, and health services; starts in Aries, but then comes the sign of Taurus.

At the beginning of the sixth house in the sign of Taurus is built rising lunar node that talks about destiny and positive implementation of specific tasks before being drafted., As well as how it was possible to switch from the mystique of the normal internal problems and tasks of everyday life.

This indicates that Jesus’ work was related to his destiny. Lunar node is connected to a sextile to Uranus in the fourth house and talks about the work that could be related to the Earth’s energies such as wood or practicing golf or building issues  (also Saturn conjunct Jupiter in Taurus and sign), but also learned about the profession in childhood.

In addition, the rising lunar node is trine to the Medium Coeli, the peak associated with a career that includes two planets, Mercury, on the one hand of the tenth house, and on the other the sun from the ninth house of horoscope.

This exaltation is also associated with the purpose and shows a major aspect of the work done by Jesus. . On one hand, the teacher’s work – Mercury, on the other hand, the spiritual leader of the Sun. These two functions are combined in one person and performed simultaneously. This arrangement also shows that Jesus was destined to be exalted and at the top, affecting his personality and pulling for each other. Sun in the ninth house and the relationship with him also point to the organization of their work as a spiritual leader such as call to help the Twelve Apostles.

Rising lunar node has one more aspect-sextyl to the Moon in the sign of Cancer in the eighth house of horoscope.

It talks about how to raise money for their work. Jesus did not need to be paid for their work – the Sun in the ninth house – spirituality. The Moon shows the people who selflessly bestowed Jesus different material goods as well as financial. From this it follows that Jesus and the apostles living mainly by donations from the people.

 Emerging node of the sixth lunar horoscope house creates the opposition occurring lunar node and Mars conjunct Neptune in Scorpio in the twelfth house quite a lot of tension between the mystical consciousness of Jesus, and the awareness of the reality of life – normal, everyday life. From this we can see that not once had to be in the inner perplexity, looking as best practice transfer their knowledge and how best to implement its mission, trying to adapt to the conditions on Earth. There is also the internal power when brought from the place of his previous life, before your life on Earth.


References node of the rising moon to the Moon in the eighth house shows that the internal stress is not affected by the physical condition of Jesus. rather, he was in very good shape, not suffered from normal human ailments and had a strong, self-regenerating body.

The seventh house of horoscope corresponding to such for all kinds of relationships is empty, there are no planets and no manned includes two signs: Taurus and Gemini.

This indicates that Jesus did not have a romantic relationship with a woman and not tied to any. There also entered in any of the company or the other too strong and direct relationship. He was free and independent in its actions.

Planet caring Taurus – Venus was in the eleventh house (eleventh house is responsible, among other things, for friendships and other relationships group) in the sign of Libra.

Venus is the planet of love, beauty, harmony, pleasure so. “Less fortunate”

(Jupiter is a reference to “greater happiness”). Venus has two tense aspects: the first is squaring up to the moon, and the other is in half – squaring to the sun. This shows that Jesus absolutely relinquished any direct circuits friendly, intimate and other related women to work with people and its mission and spiritual leadership.

While these tense aspects also say that Jesus could appeal to women as men, and perhaps some of them tried to get with Him in a relationship, but they remained unfulfilled after only emotions. However, the relationship with the Moon show His approach to women as wives – mothers. The women’s role was exposed by Him and respected. Also require respect for the women who came to his study and treat women equally with men, not exposing anyone’s special role.

He really cared about His image and authority of the supreme leader, and did not allow any of the intrigues and insinuations.

In this way, planted the eleventh house also shows that it was establishing a friendly relationship that would stand out in some way. Treat all people equally. In the same friendship, attention and love.

The twelfth house of horoscope (including house subconscious and insulation) is manned Mars, Neptune and the lunar node taking place in mutual conjunction with each other in the sign of Scorpio. He talks about the origin of Jesus and what he brought to this world. Mars Conjunction with Neptune speaks of mysticism, inner power and readiness to sacrifice for humanity. It shows also the connection with the invisible spiritual world and direct communication with him. It also speaks of a very deep inner loneliness in his mission-he could not talk to anyone about it and no one could go so fully understood. In moments of reflection and seeking solutions tend to temporarily isolate themselves from the outside, making contact with his spiritual mentor, God and prayer. The conjunction of Mars and Neptune also speaks about the role of Jesus, like the role of the Catholic priest priest.

In the horoscope there are three major planetary configurations: Kite, Great Trygon and Bisekstyl.

Kite configuration is based on the Great Trygon consisting of three different planets

1 Uranus in the fourth house in the sign of Pisces, which is also the basis Kite
2 Moon in the eighth house in the sign of Cancer.
3 Mars, Neptune and the lunar node in conjunction in Scorpio.

As you can see the Great Trygon based on watermarks: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.

This provides great opportunities for creative, receive energy from different levels of visible and invisible, the ability to free clairvoyance and empathy. Creates a great sensitivity to people and their problems, and their ability to understand subtle. It also provides the ability to move freely in a space and crossing the various boundaries.


The upper part of the Kite is Bisekstyl. It consists of three planets:

1 Mercury in Virgo in the tenth house, which is also a peak Kite.
2 Moon in the eighth house in the sign of Cancer.
3 Mars in the twelfth house in the sign of Scorpio.
Involved in targeting Bisekstyl planet show Jesus to people – the moon, as well as the ability to properly convert and transfer of information from the spiritual world to the real world in an understandable and digestible for the average person and the role of the teacher in his exaltation, with great authority – Mercury in the tenth house .


Kite made of the configurations above shows that Jesus had free access to all information. This is further facilitated by the opposition of Mercury to Uranus in the fourth house and fill most of the planets in water signs.

Kite collects all the strongest energies. It shows Jesus as a strong, outstanding, outstanding personality in the world, with a powerful spiritual energy, with the ability to clairvoyance, with strong authority and the ability to work miracles.

It is clearly shown in the kite’s power circuit causal power of Jesus. On top of the kite is positioned Mercury – the power of words, which positively associated with the receipt of the moon-men. Power words, authority, meant that people believed in the word and be open to Jesus and all that brought together (Mars, Neptune and lunar node taking place in the twelfth house in Scorpio), in his aspect of the divine and the faith openness and trust resulting in spontaneous derive energy through Jesus from the very source of existence – God and thus healing followed.

Those who did not believe they were unable to cure.

Besides, word, thought, belief Jesus and his boundless devotion to God in carrying out the will of God, caused that operate continuously in an inexhaustible source, the mighty power of God, and when his word was associated with the will and power of God, the word is materialized and departments to wonders.

Mercury at the top of Kite run all its energies combined.

In the horoscope of Jesus nowhere to discern a reference that his purpose here on earth was to die a martyr’s death.

Rather, it seems that he was prepared to enter the body directly to heaven. Presented by me planetary systems indicate unusual strength transformation of Jesus, the possibility to go through different states of consciousness, uncommon mind and the ability to change structures.


To develop and submit to the horoscope inspired me a few things.

First, my own experience of this, the second appearing characters, third prophecy and encouragement of my Spiritual Guardian.

For several years, I meet people who in this body and in this time they are operating close to the incarnation of Jesus with his time.

This is a bit of explanation for those who do not know what it is incarnation.

The soul is immortal, but the body anyway. Soul retains the characteristics and personality of the man, passes his lessons and can assume again. The decision to re-life is taken by God. The incarnation is a re-incarnation of a person, his next life in the body. Depending on your personal experiences and lessons can sometimes incorporate several times.

The first meeting I was the Rabbi of the person that led to the outbreak of riots against Jesus, and consequently to the crucifixion. In this life, it is also a Jew, but a Pole. Now trying to live positively, but has a very difficult experience would force him to clean the soul. Among other things, involved in a plane crash, which killed everyone but him. It left a very strong mark on the psyche. It is hard to imagine the experience of death.

The next owners were the apostles Matthew and Paul. They, too, are Poles. Matthew until recently served a vital function to the government, a very positive person with an unusual mind.

 Paul is famous and a major psychologist. Working with people is very dedicated to his work and to introduce innovative, very interesting method.

Another person was the incarnation of St.. Anne – Grandmother of Jesus. Today it is a wonderful, subtle, full of inner light woman.

Then there was sister, who in this life is beautiful, talented and highly spiritually developed person with whom I am in close friendly relations.

All these people have been through me informed of his incarnations. Accepted without any resistance, saying that this awareness helps them to understand the different things that they in life and their own departments with respect to that feeling.

Only one person knows for sure who he is – Jew Rabbi. I was very pity him for his present experience, and I thought that this knowledge could have it completely break down.

All these people are Poles. It gave me much to think about. I felt as if the power of Jesus and of the time imposed on Poland and the present time.

I began to wonder. Is this a coincidence?

I remembered the previous apparition of Our Lady, in which she repeated more than once that Poland’s chosen people.

In general presumption that applies to the possible end of the world, and that the Polish territory as the only remain on Earth. However, I think that there is some deeper, not yet fully recognized meaning.

I remembered too, as it is generally known that Jesus promised to return back to Earth, but he did not say exactly when.

In the meantime, also came across two rather important publications,

The first is the “prophecy Michaldy, the queen of Sabby, 13 Sybil, Fr. Mark Wernyhory and other “- from 578 years before the birth of Christ until the late centuries.

This edition has been published predictions of the queen with Sabby, which has provided a lot of things around for about 600 years before Christ, and that in 578 years visited King Solomon and instantly share with him his prophecies, for many centuries to the front, which were then transcribed .

Predicted the birth of Jesus, and at what time to come.

“According to the ideas of my spirit in the sixth century, and near Jerusalem Mesyasz born there, and the power Rzymianów will die. “

Then, talking about our day.

“Approaching will be two thousand years after the death Mesyaszowej how come one king of the sunset, the score all the holy places, lead Gentiles to the right faith, at the time of this king will come all the treasures of the world, that the creation of the world were skrytemi, after which but rather by the same people will turn to evil, to the unjust acts, shall depart from the faith, right, take the prophets are true, and I bring the wrath of God. Then the two men went God, blessed from his throne, you will restore the people to the right faith, whereupon there will be one flock and one shepherd. “

You have to take into account that all the prophecies are symbolic and can be interpreted differently. However, I think the most important thing in it is that it refers to our time, that someone 600 years before Christ could predict things about us that is true.

It gave me even more to think about. I began to wonder if it is possible, to the time when Jesus would come again to this world is right now?

I thought that this is possible. I suppose that the king, who has won all the holy places, and led Gentiles to the right of faith was a Pole, Pope John Paul II, and one of these two men blessed whose God went from his throne, in my opinion could be Jesus. Who can be the other person – I guess.

This belief has strengthened me even one publication – Przemyslaw Grzybowski Fri “Tales spiritualist.”

In this book I have written various types of experiences with ghosts transmissions from the spiritual world.

You believe in ghosts or not. (As we know from previous publications I already do not believe in ghosts,), I think that in this case it is not so important.

It is also a flow of information, which can be any part of the truth.

 In this book it is written:

“A year 2000.

All of humanity is preparing to celebrate a worthy end of the second and beginning of the third millennium of the Christian era.

But by then all corners of the globe spread around the news of the imminent return of Christ to earth. There is not yet well understood the way in which this message from the dead was registered in scientific laboratories. Only a few privileged people knew about this secret and strongly argued that Christ will return to the world at the beginning of the third millennium, to see what people are claiming to be his disciples did with His gospel. “

Later described the appearance of Jesus in the Holy See and later his mysterious disappearance, and that this information has been erased.

What will be careful with this as the truth and what is not, it belongs to an individual assessment.

I personally, collecting all these facts, I suppose it is possible that Jesus was now with us in our world.

I began to wonder on how it looks now, what is the body, what it does, what nationality, where you live and whether it is possible to be a Pole and lived in Poland. And again here remind me of the words of the Virgin Mary, that Poland is a chosen people. Could this be related to Jesus?

Over the last few years looking for answers to this question, and now all I share with you, hoping that if this is true, then it will soon become obvious.

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