This spring, winter kept for a long time. In such a day, where it was snowing outside called me Sara-woman of about fifty, now living in Australia.

It was not anything like that  but her story gave me a surprise.
There’s nothing like that – ordered radix horoscope – Sectional for life. She said she is Polish, has a husband, which is a long relationship. They have two sons already growing. For several years he has lived with his family in Australia, which moved from Israel. So overall, it’s actually all takes place in her life as well. However, it has serious emotional problems. It seems that she can not love  her husband and also seems that he does not love her as well. He says that it is with him only for children.
He appeared in her life, a new man, who began to adore her and woke her senses. She wanted to know if this relationship has a chance, and besides, how it will work out in life.
During a call, I received a very friendly, extremely modest and humble woman whose emotions are in turmoil and that really hurt emotionally, but not since yesterday, but for a long time. I picked it as if it was his heart and soul very deeply and never healing wound.
When we analyzed the horoscope saw her married in a good light, a man who was trying as it may, a good family, but I saw a barrier between them. I saw that as Sarah does not pass this barrier, it can suffer from unresolved feelings of her life and never be able to see her husband in a good light. This new man showed up as the illusion of unfulfilled dreams. Discouraged entry into this relationship that did not result in more risks and subsequent suffering through the disappointment.
Once you have finished my horoscope saw what really surprised me that her problem associated with deep emotional pain, feeling hurt, rejection and loneliness is related to its past karmic. At some her previous life she lived in the time of Jesus and was a young woman who fell in love with Jesus as a woman in a man. I saw that Jesus rejected her and she has since called in wearing this horrible not healed thorn. The fact that now can not fall in love again is associated with that rejection and Outbound situation.
When this information surfaced wondering how to tell her, but I found that it is not prepared for such information. So I gave only content that is not strange that now in this life led her to Israel, because his earlier incarnation was Jewish and lived in Israel in the time when Jesus lived. Nothing more on this topic did not say, but suggested that it could use hypnotic regression to scroll back and unlock her feelings, to love and to be happy.
It was a Friday afternoon when I informed her sms that the horoscope has been sent via e-mail. She wrote me that, and so read it until tomorrow evening, because he has the Sabbath.
Then I realized that now it is Jewish, and how deep is your faith. I started to look for more information in order to understand it more. Among other things, I found information that denies the faith of Jesus as the Messiah and its followers are still waiting for the coming of the Saviour.
I thought about it a very complicated situation. On one hand, her past, which says a great feeling to Jesus, where now in this life completely denies it.
I wondered at her reaction, but that’s all it took to calm wrote. Topic of the time of Jesus was irrelevant to her. Is treated as invalid information, but agreed with my suggestions for recourse. Just flown into Polish, so we agreed to the session.
I must admit that I was very curious to see what we come out. Do you actually shrink in its previous incarnation, or stop at any prior or subsequent events?
When we met, I immediately felt very sympathetic woman She was a nice, very delicate and subtle, yet strong female character.
When I introduced her into a trance and asked to stepped back in time and was the cause of his emotional problems, regardless of where it is located, and to my surprise came from the large once in a period of about thirty years of our era, and was in Israel.
She described herself as a young, beautiful woman in the early twenties and began to sob deeply. Crying was so strong that when I asked her next question she could not answer it.
In the end she told me she was crying because she loved the man more than he  rejected her.
I asked to do something about it told.
She said she is a beautiful looking man that is older to her at that time that she remembered was about thirty years. She said that he was not interested in her, but he was not interested in any other woman.
She gathered up the courage to talk to him and told him about her love, hoping that they will be able to live as husband and wife. He told her that he could not be with her and not loves her as a woman that he loves her like other people, and it’s all connected with his mission here on Earth.
She did not understand it then and did not want to hear it. She felt rejected and suffered much. However, not resolved. He was a teacher. He traveled and taught the people, and she always followed him and was in his vicinity, hoping that one day change his mind. So it took for the day when everything suddenly broke off, and as she said – there was no hope and was just terrible suffering.
When I asked why there was no hope, she said, that he died, he was hanged on the cross. When asked whether his death was the answer, and that they do not know about it, because she heard from friends.
I felt that this is the right time to the end of the confronted and asked that his name spoken. Tired out sobbing, you could see how much pain, but she did not want to say the name. Only at my suggestion that never get rid of it is not, if fully got over it will face, said:
His name was Joshua.
I realized how difficult it was for her to face the truth, the more so in this life completely crowd out Jesus.
Then cleanse your space, heal wounds and flown to Australia as a new, happy, ready for a new sensation woman.
How strange it all goes. Not long ago, I wrote the horoscope of Jesus and telling the different people that are with him are related in the incarnation and Poles and live in the present time.
I still ask myself this question, why everyone in this incarnation are the Poles? Is this a coincidence? I think that is unlikely, however, that it has a deep meaning. I got the impression that was clearing a space at the time. I meet more and more new people who were with him in some way. Is it expensive? Are these signs, after which you have to follow? In any instil hope that it is very possible that Jesus is among us and is just waiting for the right moment to give us your warmth, love, wisdom and help fix what is destroyed and distorted by many generations.

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