Sophie and Gretel-two of my very good friend brought the familiar a man at the age of 40 years with the decision;
- You have to do something about him, undo, or disenchant. Recent bad things happen to him. There were problems with the work and financial support. He had an accident where the car went to appeal, and he barely managed to survive, a week later burned his house. It is not normal that in such a short period of normal life did a horror movie.
In this way, threw me into the room a stranger to me a man, and themselves have stated that they are going for a coffee in a nearby restaurant.
I invited him to sit down in front of me while joking:
- You came of your own free will or by force girlfriends attracted you?
- No, no – he began to defend himself – he came, because I had no clue what to do with my life and I’m afraid of what else is new could happen to me.
I looked at him closely and I wish I did it. He looked like a scrap of misery.
I could see in his aura clinging to his head a woman, which unfortunately does not bode no good.
- You’re in a relationship with a woman – I said, trying to convey information in a way that is well understood – and you are very emotionally involved in this relationship, you are an open heart to the woman. You are in very good terms, but the person you help and apparently you see it well. Unfortunately, you can not see what is going on inside of her, and her head.
When her master refuses to something when something she does not like when you do not do as she wants, when she was very angry, out of no-shows, but in the middle until it boils. When you do not like her wish, then she feels aggrieved by the master and is very bad for you and begin to think very hard to make it any damage to you, or that you suffered or died for any damages imagined that her master did, but you did not really do anything wrong. She has such a terribly destructive power of your mind, that if in such a way that you focus on it you have problems, accidents, so you burned out house and this is just the beginning. The situation will become even more dial, if you do not stop, it will get worse. It is a powerful vampire. It eats you harm, and your misfortune. It has a big impact on you and everything just because you’re open to it, you are engaged heart, so that can be done to you and your life, what he wants, and unfortunately he wants to do bad things. Seemingly looks perfectly normal, and it seems that the relationship has normal problems, but if you could look into her head, what’s going on and what is the force of destruction, it would have scared you.
Will not do what you think about it, but you should be emotionally close before the woman end the relationship as soon as possible and completely forget that you ever existed. When you completely neutralized it, only then you will be free from its influence.

When the frightened man as I explained, I was reminded of my good friend Jack. It was many years ago. He led the Carpathian large transport company, which he prospered very well, had a well-behaved house, a family, a wife, with whom he had a good agreement with two sons aged teenagers. His wife was then in Canada, where she earned pretty good money. He dealt with the children, the home and business. Materially they prospered and were generally quite happy. Because of its activity Jack traveled a lot and quite often been in Warsaw, so from time to time we get together for coffee.
One day the doorbell rang my phone not too good, so I picked up anxiously, thinking what harm can hide this information. On the other side I heard Jack. His voice broke, and I felt very tired and restless.
- I need to see you immediately. I need your advice. I have a problem and do not know what’s going on.
- Okay, no problem. In an hour I’ll be at home, then come.
When break line, never left my mind. What happened? I’ve known him for years. There is a strong man. Well in life with all handles.
When I heard the doorbell ring, quickly ran to open. On the other side was a man standing on the doorstep, tired, exhausted, emaciated, had said anything, I’d never met him in this bad  form.
- What happened? – I asked, not hiding his surprise.
Ritual pot of coffee, sat down in the corner with your favorite table, and he began to tell.
- From some two months I began to have problems in the company. I lost a few contracts, not used for making payments, taxes, you do not have to pay employees. Such a situation I have for the first time in my life. I’m afraid I do not start to control the situation. A fast-paced end a savings that would send his wife. It starts to do some bottomless pit.
I looked at him closely and saw in his aura, which is attached to the head some man.
- For some, short time you met a man – I tell him, while on-he’s watching you, and he will cling all your problems. He is a vampire. Apparently it is like well, but do not know what is in it and what is in his mind, if you knew, you’d be horrified. You have to throw it out as soon as possible from your life.
- You know, you’re right, actually from some two months I met a man. He came to the company because he wanted to hire. Unfortunately, at that moment I had no vacancies, but he came every day and do things for free, were helpful, helping, imported and went boys to school, etc. He told me about his life too. He was ill with cancer. He fought a long illness. You are alone. His wife left him. After all, it’s so good and unhappy man.
- Unfortunately, he is the cause of your problems. You do not know what it is really. He is a vampire. This is not a good man. It is not as it is present. Tell him that you do not hire, throw it out of your business and forget that you know him at all. If you do not, it will get worse.
I explained and translated the Jack, it seemed like forever, but I saw that little to him understood. I was sad because of his problems, but he was spellbound kept repeating:
- No, this is not possible, after all,  such is a good man.
A month passed, and again the disturbing sound of the phone – I do not like these sounds-picked from anxiety.
- I need to see you soon-I heard a voice as if from the dead Jack.
- Ok, for half an hour in my home.
I canceled all appointments and waited. When I opened the door this time, it frightened me. Before me stood a skeleton with sunken eyes and black bezels around them.
I gave no sign of it, that’s too bad. Invited to Wednesday. Made a pot of coffee and sat down at the usual place. I turned on the light, I was getting dark, and it meant that I saw it in more detail, which made me even more scared.
- I have a serious problem. That’s what I told you earlier, is a breeze compared to what it is now. The company is so bad that I turned off the electricity because of default in payment, they took me a couple of cars that I had in the lease. The three of them just before complete repayment. I have no where to get the money. More and more plunge into the problems. At night I do not sleep, do not eat, but all the time thinking about how to get out of it all. What’s going on? But not long ago everything was fine!
With aching heart I looked at him and listened intently. With a beautiful, strapping, handsome, well-built, strong, athletic man was a shadow man. In front of me sat a skeleton.
I looked at him closely and the aura of the head is attached to it, I saw the same man as before.
- Do not you listen to me – I’m talking in a low voice. Do not leave the man who stuck to you. He causes your problems. He’s the reason you lose power. Through the company collapses, he caused the take-out and cars. Leave him immediately. Let him come off from you. He is a powerful vampire energy. Apparently it looks good. This can not be seen. He does everything to make you open to each other. It is good, it helps you. You trust him, and he then has an effect on you and has the strength in your mind that makes you more and more destruction. Leave him alone. I’m really please.
- What are you talking about again! – Shouted, unable to check in amazement. It’s like what I heard for the first time.
- But this is such a good man. He helps me in these difficult times. Only him can fully count on.
Again, nothing to it does not reach the. She saw an even greater threat to him and tried to warn him.
- If you do not believe and do not leave, he will make an even greater disaster. Please Jack, wake up. I see the death of one of your sons. The man was carrying. Leave him alone. I beg you.
But Jack like magic, do not listen to me, just shook his head and repeated over and over again;
- That’s impossible. But is such a good man. It’s such a good man. It’s such a good man.
I already did not want to hear it. Then I split up with Jack in great helplessness. I could not get to him, and sensed the rest of the story and that I was scared. I could only hope that, however, come to his senses.
It’s been two weeks and again the unpleasant sound of the phone.
- I need your advice. It has become a disaster – I heard his voice very nervous.
- I can not come. Yesterday the fu lessons at school my older son was in an accident. Since it was warm (it was May), the classes were on the pitch. After exercise, gathered to school when suddenly, without any reason, the son of a rolled backwards and hit his head on a stone lying nearby. No one pushed. He himself about anything stumble. Just as he stood, so at one point fell. He lost consciousness. Ambulance took him to the tone of the school.
It is in hospital in Krakow. Not recover consciousness. – Listening to it I had to sit down because I felt faint. Only thoughts spun around in a circle. Why he would not listen? Why is committed to such a situation? Do not guessed that the end is not yet.
- We go to a hospital in Warsaw – said quickly, intermittent and very tight voice.
- The man of whom I told you launched your connections and the Ministry of Health arranged for transportation and teamed up with world-renowned professor who deals with such cases, and he will take my son to the hospital ward. They have it tomorrow to transport by helicopter to a hospital in Warsaw.
As I heard it-froze. A long time I could not utter a word.
- Under no circumstances do anything that this man is offering. Leave a son in the hospital, where he is now. He’s a very good care of him. You have to wait patiently for a few days and when he wakes up from a coma.
- What are you talking about? Son has a chance at a much better health. He has arranged transportation and the best professor in the world, and this man was involved. So much trying to help. Only I can count on me.
- Jack, I please you very much, please do not do this, do not listen to this man. He is a vampire. So much evil you have done, so he suffered.  Wake up, I beg you! Listen to me! If you do this, there will be no turning back. – Almost screamed into the phone that you have always hoped that I get to it.
However, he repeated a familiar spellbound text.
- What are you talking about? That’s impossible. But is such a good man. Such a good man – and hung up abruptly, cutting me off in mid-sentence.
He called three days later. The familiar sound annoying phone again rang in my ears.
- I need your advice. It is a very bad situation – his voice froze me. That’s what I heard on, beyond my expectations.
- I am in Warsaw. Bad things happen. We brought the son of a helicopter, so to make it quickly and gently due to head trauma. When they landed in front of the hospital, paramedics removing my son from a helicopter, dropped it on the concrete. It was located on a branch of a professor. There, a bacterium infecting him. The whole night was oozing pus from his brain. It lies on the  solitary confinement, kept alive by the equipment. The doctors did not give him any chance. They said his brain completely departed, and he has no chance of a normal life. They want me decided to disconnect the equipment, but how do you do , he will die. What do I do? – Asked horrified.
I was even more terrified of him. I wondered. How is it? Every time he has a bad time Jack contacted me. Every time he asked me for advice, but he never listened. Do it have to this happen?
- I’m sorry. I sympathize with you. I can not see you because I am now in Spain. I arrive until next week. Jack I did everything I could to this disaster did not happen. Now there’s nothing I can not handle it. He must make a decision himself. Be strong. I’m with you.
When he hung up, long time I could not get over. After some time did not speak. He called once and told me that they decided to disconnect her son from the apparatus. Son survived and took him to the hospital. The body normally developing physically, is fed probe, but there is no contact with him, not moving, not responding to anything, is a vegetable. They hired a whole daily nurse and have a hospital at home.
Later, quite broke contact with me. Only recently I found out by accident from a mutual friend that three years ago the son died.
So terrible story, so sad and hard, and all through this man who is so involved in Jack’s life. Yet so far, like a mantra sound blasted in my ears his words:
- What are you talking about? That’s impossible! But is such a good man, a good man, a good man …………

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