Feel free to individual meetings and hand analysis courses.

Hands can also scan and send by email or regular mail and hand analysis and other feedback also when sending e-mail or  email.


  Chiromancy is a science dating back to antiquity. Through the ages of mankind many have tried to understand and analyze it. There is a science to determine the past, present and future on the basis of hand lines, signs, types of hands, fingers, concavity and convexity and color hand.

Our hands are huge repository of knowledge. Based on the information provided to us by Chiromancy and learning lessons from experience you can not only reveal the flaws of man, his mistakes in the procedure or the choice of routes, but also clues to their elimination. Chiromancy is a science holds the key to the knowledge of human nature, hidden talents and energy that by knowing yourself, you can use in your life.

Many are those among us who look back on your past, recognize that lost months, years, and sometimes a large part of your life, whether by mistake parents and their own.

Know yourself is the motto of work in Chiromancy, getting to know each other because you can consciously direct your life.

It is worth noting that no two are the same person. Each person is an individual, his hands just as he himself, are unique.

I invite you to take part in a course run by me Chiromancy and to start the journey in this amazing world of adventure.

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