It is known that the knowledge of astrology has been known for centuries. Used by the sages who could accurately predict various events both on the individual and also the fate of entire societies. Employed at the royal courts of astrologers who were personal advisers to rulers and served his knowledge in making important government decisions. Planets revolve around us, change their position and influence their energy. With the system can read a lot of valuable information.

 I invite you to read my  monthly horoscope published in the Polish journal “The Fourth Dimension”.

Birthday horoscope – radix, an individual person or company.
The system of planets at the time of your birth shows what you bring yourself to life. Your character, abilities, strengths and weaknesses, good and bad, and how you can work in different areas of life, which include finance, its surroundings, home and family, children, entertainment, gambling, and a tendency to risk their careers , friends , spouses, external influences and other unseen hazards.

Birthday horoscope indicates characteristics of individuals, the possibilities of life and the future in general.

It turns out to be very valuable to draw up an individual horoscope for the newborn child. This helps parents carrying children in various stages of its development, ensuring the development of skills and abilities, choosing the right school, etc. This horoscope is usually carefully stored by the parents until the child reaches 18 years of age. The birthday child gets a gift and it is a valuable guideline for self-build their future life.


Birthday horoscope – radix company.

It should draw up a horoscope before the formation of the company. The astrologer examines the future prosperity and helps in determining the date of commencement of business. It should be tailored to the specific company and its prospects for development, cooperation with business partners and potential financial and other important elements.

Yes drawn horoscope natal horoscope is a company in the future based on it can be analyzed according to the current transits various current situations, as well as provide solutions and trends.

This allows the owner to better know your business and have in their hands the tools to help you manage.


Horoscope prediction
- For a certain time – one year, two years, three years, five years, etc.

- Lunar horoscope – Horoscope – Forecast for the period of one month

- Solar horoscope – Horoscope – Forecast for the period of one year (from date of birth to the next birthday)


Cosmic influences are modified by constantly making the movements of the heavenly bodies. The effects of these movements, both positive and negative occur at certain times very clearly. This phenomenon occurs when a planet such as the moon creates important in astrology angular distance to the planet of the natal chart called aspect. This phenomenon is called a transit.

Each transit of any heavenly body to any element of the radix activates elements aspected, bringing events positive or negative, depending on the quality aspect.

This makes it possible to predict different types of events and trends.

 Horoscope comparator.

 It applies, inter alia, when, eg, we want to examine your relationship with your partner, mother, child, boss at work, friend or any other person.

This horoscope shows how we work together in various areas of life, as we work on ourselves, which is not right and if you can possibly fix it and how to do it.

This horoscope should prepare for a couple before entering into marriage in order to make informed decisions, knowing the pros and cons of your and your partner about how we will work together and to prevent various problems in the future.

Horoscope is also a welcome wedding gift.

Horoscope horarny that can answer any question.

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