Tarot cards revolve around various myths. I really do not know where it came from and who was its founder. The first records date from the Middle Ages. Apparently, he was transported from Germany to Italy and later spread to the rest of Europe.

At the beginning served as a card to play in the arcades and counted 24 cards. In later times their number gradually increased until the present number of 78 cards.

With time also began to explore his magical abilities.

TAROT consists of 22 Major Arcana and 56 Small Arcana. Each card has images and symbols that build specific energy and personal message.

TAROT acts as a good friend. He says, waiting, what will be the reaction of people, or take the information concerned or reject it. If this is important is able to repeat the same message many times. So far, until you heard and accepted.

He reaches into the past can predict the future, knows assess the present.

It allows us to know who we are, what stage of life we ​​operate today and where it will lead us to take a particular decision.

TAROT receives various kinds of energy and knows how to find sometimes even in unusual spaces.

He can answer the question “why? “Prompt and positive solution.

It is a very useful tool for insight into the daily affairs.

If you have any doubt, finish a stage in life and do not know what to do next, TAROT shows you the way. Determine the nature of the person and show what is its relationship to you. Tell what you can do to find love, to be successful in            your work, gain financial stability, improve family relationships.

No one can be astonished how accurate are his answers. It should have a friend and guide. You can count on him in any situation.

Therefore, I believe that it is worth more, make friends and learn how to read Tarot.

We are pleased to introduce you my friends in the magical world of Tarot and learn how to use his gifts. Tarot can learn to anyone who wants to read it.

You will no longer have to run around and look for the information to be dependent on anyone, because all the information you have at hand and easily manage them.

You are cordially invited to run my Tarot courses and workshops.

I invite you also to individual sessions Tarot.

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